A Better World IS Possible

A Better World Is Possible

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Interviews with local thinkers and activists on a wide variety of local, regional, and global issues and themes. Topics will include the environment, the arts, agriculture, politics, spirituality, education, war and peace, climate change, water in a time of drought, critique of high technology, medical and other ethics, the wine industry, the oral tradition of recited poetry, strengthening neighborhoods and building community. Provides perspectives on current events, including context, analysis, and criticism of the corporate media. Coming events will also be broadcast, as well as reports on recent local events. Recent and classical DVDs will be reviewed.

Host Shepherd Bliss has media and activist credentials that are far-reaching. He served as a foreign correspondent in Chile, Cuba, and elsewhere in Latin America for the weekly Guardian from New York and Pacific News Service (PNS) in the 1970s. He’s contributed articles to the Boston Phoenix and Real Paper, the Bay Guardian, Pacific Sun, and opinion pieces for the Huffington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Press Democrat, Bohemian, and Peace Press. He was also a programmer on station KPFA for a couple of years in the 1980s. He’s been interviewed by Oprah, CBS-TVs “60 Minutes,” Phil Donahue, Bill Moyers, and others on a variety of issues. He recently retired as a college teacher of communications and writing. He’s contributed to a couple dozen books from a variety of fields, including translations of poetry from Spanish and is a frequent contributor to numerous online publications, including Counterpunch, Truthout, and ZCommunications.


Meet The Host

Host Name: Shepherd Bliss
Host Contact: 3sb@comcast.net
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