Corrina’s Body-Mind Palace

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A show focused on exploring and understanding the body-mind connection and how this informs a mission-based lifestyle. Corrina and her guests, people living their mission, share their views on stress-reduction, increasing well-being, motivation in times of uncertainty, community involvement, perseverance, and meditation.

“Everyone shares the same purpose for being here, and that is to enjoy life. Each person has their own unique mission to fulfill.” – Corrina Mae


Meet The Host

Host Name: Corrina Mae
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Host Info: For three decades, Corrina has been studying the body/mind connection. She achieved her undergraduate degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences, with honors. Combining her energy healing experience, and hypnotherapy studies, Reiki Master Corrina advocates for inner sovereignty. While she is all about the energy of transformation, Corrina can be found dancing in the garden, or sewing.