Evolutionary Voices

On hiatus
Join us as we talk about transforming our world in trans-dogmatic evolutionary ways that build up and bring people together, rather than revolutionary ways that destroy and pull  people apart.  The show airs the 1st Sunday of each month at 3PM Pacific time.

Podcasts at: https://archive.org/details/EvolutionaryVoices/


Meet The Host

Host Name: Lisa VanderBoom
Host Contact: KOWSEV@yahoo.com
Host Info: Lisa was raised in a conservative Christian church in the Midwest but started having experiences not held within that environment. She left the church and began a path of inquiry more spiritual than religious (sound familiar?). After moving to California in a series of guided events, she then worked for the Institute of Noetic Sciences (www.noetic.org) for over 10 years and deepened in the New Consciousness Movement. Another series of guided events led her (called her, pulled her) to start attending the progressive United Methodist Church in Sebastopol after swearing she'd never set foot in a church again. There she found a deeply humble and committed group of people dedicated to making the world a better place and not getting hung up on dogma. Realizing her spiritual arrogance against her own Christian heritage, Lisa realized there was way more that unites us than divides us and she deepened in her relationship with this church community. After several years there, KOWS radio moved to broadcast from the church and Lisa realized the cosmic forces were again at work, calling her to act as a bridge builder between Christian church and the New Consciousness Movement, to help us find our commonality of purpose to transform the world through trans-dogmatic dialog and open hearts. Lisa believes the real transformation of the world does not come through revolutionary thinking that divides and destroys, but from evolutionary thinking that brings us together and creates. That, and a little bit of fun and humor along the way.... ;)