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Fridays @ 11am
The Feisty Females Radio Show features music and interviews of a wide variety of amazing female singer/songwriters from around the world. DJ Kym Trippsmith draws on her 40 year journey as a musical producer and singer/songwriter to play tunes that fan the flames of the often under-played brilliance of women musicians. Feisty Female shows are raw and should be eaten with a spoon. Her featured artists sing songs filled with stories of life and liberty that praise the sweetness as well as the complexities of life’s crooked roads. Feisty Females sing from the heart, harmonize from the soul and inspire listeners to change the world with music. Women musicians are encouraged to send Kym their CDs or downloads so that more women can be empowered by hearing their own music streaming over the airwaves.

Born in Great Britain, Kym writes stories, poetry and folk ballads laced with political satire, unvarnished truths, mystical clarity, family honesty and sly humor. Host of the Feisty Females—a collective of amazing West Coast female singer/songwriters—Kym sings stories alive, weaving characters from the highways and byways of our joyous and sometimes weary world with haunting melodies, fearless lyrics and a rich creamy voice that takes listeners into the heart of her musical musings. She seeks to embody the loving healer by practicing the arts of herbal magic, lymphatic drainage massage and Ayurveda. Kym hosts the weekly Feisty Females Radio Show at KOWS 107.3 fm (www.kows.fm) out of Occidental every Friday from 11am to 1pm, manages a stilting troupe (Diva Galactika), and produces all kinds of cool events here and there as the CEO of Amazon Productions. Also known as Mamazon, Kym is the “way cool” mom of two extraordinary kids who inspire her to work for environmental justice and peace every day.

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