The Heart of the Matter

Odd SUNDAYS @1pm

I began my career in radio in August of 2021! I am a Reiki Master Teacher with a Master’s degree in Social Work and a Bachelor’s degree in Metaphysical Science. I work for Bridging Worlds Behavioral Services and am currently called a Heart-Centered Behavioral Consultant. I have followed the path of wanting to remind people of how awesome they are. That desire also led me to my own inner healing and nourishment. During most of 2020 and all of 2021 I was not able do my Reiki healing work, however,  I had been working on a curriculum to help people discover their own emotional intelligence. As I observed the world around me I began to appreciate how my small community was very good at openly hearing each others stories. It’s a “come as you are” kinda feeling! I also noticed how much I was seeing the opposite in many other arenas. Those observations lit a fire in me and I wanted to get back out in the world and do something! My best friend brought up radio, as it has been and is again a great outlet for her to engage the world. I said; “OK, I’ll try it”… and even though it has not been a very long time, this feels just right! 

There is a responsibility I hold as I bring guests onto the show to talk intimately about themselves. As the host I co-create & hold the sacred container in which the stories can be told in a vulnerable and heart-centered way. As stories are told, the heart connections begin with all its listeners, whether they like the topic or not. We are all unique and this show is a reminder of just how very beautiful that notion is! 

Every guest on “The Heart of the Matter” has an opportunity to talk about any story from their life that they choose. I will get curious at times and gently dig a little deeper. As they share, any listener could at any moment suddenly have that, “I know that…” and BOOM, a connection is made in the heart from a complete stranger. That is the main force behind this show. A simple, yet profound understanding that we all have stories & that those stories are what remind us of our connection to all humans on this planet. 


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