Jazz Styles

Jazz Styles

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I have several years experience in radio hosting both music and reading programs and I produce and host an on-air show at KOWS entitled “JAZZ STYLES”. The theme and goal of my program is to present music that is historically America’s native musical art form. This includes many and varied styles of jazz, such as ragtime, be-bop, “cool” and Latin jazz and represents the African-American contribution to the world.  I have several years experience in radio hosting both music and reading programs.

My target audience is everybody of all ages, or as they say, from eight to eighty! I especially would hope, through the music I present, to introduce this art form, along with some of its history, to young people. Many of our youth need this exposure and knowledge to understand and appreciate how jazz has impacted the world. It is so important to me that they learn how much of the so-called popular, rhythm and blues, hip-hop, rap, and most forms of contemporary music developed and evolved from the roots of jazz.

At present, there is no other jazz program on radio like this on the air in Sonoma County (except another program I host on another radio station!) Most so-called radio jazz programs on the air now only play “smooth jazz”. I hope to change all that and create cultural bridges of enjoyment, knowledge, and understanding across the waters of music and history.

Sonoma County resident since 2005, married, with one daughter, 2 grandsons, one step-son, by whom I have 3 more grandchildren. Born in the segregated south in Tennessee, where the experiences and struggles I witnessed there for basic human rights laid the framework for my political and social consciousness and activism. Spent several eye-opening years in the Air Force in Europe, and ended up in Oakland, California. Worked with printing presses, attended college. While at college, met Bobby Seale and Huey P Newton and in 1966, became one of the 6 original founding members of the Black Panther Party. Was the first editor of the Black Panther Party Newspaper, traveled the world as Deputy Minister of Information and International Spokesperson for The Black Panther Party. Established and administrated an educational program at Merritt (Grove Street College) for ex-offenders as well as a campus community medical clinic. Returned to Tennessee in 1974, where I worked as a retail service manager for decades and was a community activist. World traveler, DJ, life-long community and human rights activist, serving the people, lecturer, political educator, author. Life-long student and lover of music, particularly jazz & blues, sharer of important current world and local community information. Interesting guests involved in socially significant programs/events, human rights. I love radio, jazz and blues and it gives me great fulfillment and joy to have the opportunity to share the music I have always loved with all of you.


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