Music for Troublemakers

Music For Troublemakers

On hiatus

When I was in high school I carried a suitcase of substantial size, full of CD’s, with me on any trip I took, even if it was just to a friend’s house for a night.  This is basically that, but on the radio.  I play favorite songs collected over the years, mixing the familiar with the exotic, the contemporary with the classic, the head with the heart.  I follow unsung themes and unwritten stories from song to song and let the audience in on the fun.

We’re talking indie rock, folk and world music more than anything, spiced up with electronica, hip hop, jazz, new wave, a fair bit of punk, and at least a little bit of everything else.

“Music For Troublemakers” because troublemakers are my tribe – those who take risks, push boundaries, face fears, make mischief and reinvent life.  Sometimes it shows up in the music, sometimes it just hangs in the air like a fine mist.  You know who you are, troublemakers.  Let’s press “play.”


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Host Name: Stefan Wenger
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