Post-Modern Jab

2nd & 4th Fridays at 9pm
Amy, Brandon & Jason became friends in the early 1990’s while growing up in & around Oakdale, California-The Cowboy Capital of the World. As self- proclaimed outcasts, this crew along with their other misfit friends quickly realized their love of the uncommon, their shared passions in the music, fashion & ideas of the counter-culture.

A family tree that sprouted in the late 1960’s with David Bowie & “Glam rock”, branching out into T-Rex, The Velvet Underground, The Sex Pistols, Bauhaus, Joy Division of the 1970’s & growing into the lush & dark canopy that shrouded the 1980s with such bands as The Cure, The Banshees, Depeche Mode, Concrete Blonde, Jesus & the Mary Chain, The Pixies, Jane’s Addiction, Sisters of Mercy & beyond. These foundational bands have cast shadows throughout their development & exert influence in their taste for art, todays’ modern music, & their individual examination Sonoma County’s thriving Ethos of the Odd.



Amy grew up surrounded by tunes played on the family turntable by her amazing & beautiful mom- also an avid music lover. She attributes her extremely varied musical tastes to this early exposure. The three agree that Amy most definitely has the upper hand on diverse & far reaching musical tastes.  No doubt her creativity comes from a bizarre & at times nearly indecipherable sarcastic wit. Often times you’ll have no clue what she’s talking about…just know that in time, you’ll understand -she’s just THAT evolved & forward thinking. A staunch liberal she’s is a truth seeker who is passionate about, justice, civil liberties & a supporter of local community-musical & otherwise, sustainable industry, organic & health environment, her family & friends, & enjoying the good life & open space of Sonoma County.



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