Sunday Classics Redux

Odd Sundays @ 9am
Sunday Classics aired on KRCB, Rohnert Park, from 1997-2013.  When KRCB changed formats that year, Sunday Classics was canceled.  Now, Sunday Classics Redux is on the air on KOWS featuring one of the hosts/programmers from Sunday Classics.  Sunday Classics Redux presents classical music for the discerning listener.  Instead of opting for a format of truncated, easy-listening wallpaper-muzak, Sunday Classics Redux uses as its inspiration, classical music programs from the heyday of classical music on radio, and plays music of all genres (solo instrumental, orchestral, vocal, ballet, chamber, etc) and from all eras.  When playing more familiar pieces, the emphasis will be on outstanding or critically acclaimed performances.  Historical performances will also be highlighted, as well as lesser-known or rarely heard works.  There will be running series such as the playing of Bach sacred cantatas in sync with the contemporary Lutheran calendar.  Sunday Classics Redux seeks to offer the listener a full spectrum of classical music done the “classic” way.


Meet The Host

Host Name: John Katchmer
Host Contact: Not available
Host Info: Not available