Celtic Coach Radio Show

Fridays from 1pm to 2pm

Dermot is a native of Dublin, Ireland and currently resides in Northern California. Over the past 20 years Dermot has studied many modalities of self-development, stress management, and the psychology of living a great life. He is a professionally trained life coach, author, and trainer of life coaches for The Erickson College, in Vancouver, Canada.

The show is a colorful and creative blend of traditional and contemporary Irish music mixed with all the hits from the 80s.

Think of the show as Tony Robbins and Robin Williams doing radio with an Irish accent.

Every week Dermot shares the latest information and common sense on topics such as men’s health, money matters, success, relationships and all thing’s life.

Each month we have special guest’s come on the show and talk about everything to do with creating an amazing life.  Our speakers so far have included, self-realization author and speaker, Guy Finley, spiritual teacher Gangaji, Gay Hendricks, Michael Neill and many more.

This show is for anyone who really wants to understand where and how their experience of life gets created.

So, turn on and tune in, if you want to know the secrets to creating an amazing life.  Around here we ask the BIG questions and the answers will astound and Inspire you and That’s No Blarney!

The Celtic Coach Radio Show: Where Science, Spirituality & Self-Discovery Meet

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Meet The Host

Host Name: Dermot Butterly
Host Contact: thecelticcoach@gmail.com
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