The Meaning of Community

On hiatus
Let’s take the time out to learn what others are doing to make a difference in Sonoma County and what we can do to support them.  Together we can move mountains!  The hosts looks for vehicles to make contributions to our planet, such as KOWS, disaster preparedness and Rotary International.  Making a difference can be as simple as making a dress for a girl in the third world, sharing food and clothing with the homeless or a kind word and a smile.

If you are making a contribution to our community and want to talk about it on the radio, please contact the host or visit


Meet The Host

Host Name: Skip Jirrels and Richard Ruge
Host Contact:
Host Info: Skip Jirrels has been involved with Sebastopol CERT since its inception in 2006. Along with basic CERT training in coordination with Sebastopol Fire Firefighters, we have also developed volunteer leadership roles in Shelter Management, Ham Radio Communications and Neighborhood Preparedness. Richard Ruge has worked in the field of disabilities since 1972. The organization he co-founded, DP4VP - Disaster Preparedness for Vulnerable Populations, promotes community empowerment and self-sufficiency in the face of disasters through networking, workshops, materials, and engagement. A related websites are