The Mystery Train

Odd Mondays @ 1pm
The Mystery Train is packed with the tangiest, most succulent, scrumptious and intensely flavored music on our planet. Unique tunes stewing in passion, the arresting sounds of an artist making a statement,,,, leaving a message to be deciphered, overwhelm and dazzle you, or just level punches to your gut. Sounds that are honest, have integrity, feed your brain as well as your heart. Folk, fusion, imports, jazz, doo-wops, an unlimited range of honest, quality music. Bottom line:  I play what I  love. I enjoy irony and incongruities. expect the unexpected. Come let me twist your synapses and feed your hunger. YOU WON”T HEAR THIS STUFF ANYWHERE ELSE! I guarantee it!
Tap into the Train and apply directly where it hurts.
Independent Studies by experts have shown that even occasional train rides may prove restorative and beneficial to your health and actually LEAVE YOU FEELING YOUNGER and more invigorated. Safe for all ages, hypoallergenic. often stimulating, psychically energizing…No additives, no saturated fats, no fillers or empty calories. The Mystery Train may be salty at times, possibly habit-forming, and may result in flareups of spunkiness.
Odd Mondays, from 1 to 3 p.m., with the barely-tolerable Stephen Gross

Meet The Host

Host Name: Stephen Gross
Host Contact: Not available
Host Info: Born in NYC, early achiever, worked Boardwalk ski ball, Department Store Exec, mind-altering exposure to terrific music, incomparable art, endless rivers of opinions, points of view, the World of Drugs. Morphed in SF in the late 60's,, U.S.P.O. graveyard shift, Human Be-ins, Diggers & Panhandle, Haight Clinic Vol, incarceration, exoneration, rapture and exhilaration leading to immigration to the West County. a paradisiacal ' crate' on the river, moonlit meadows, sea breezes, trips to Europe, Alaska, Santa Fe, NYC, work as a photojournalist - jazz fests, local media, sundry publications. Massaged ego, skinny wallet. Alan Freed, the Apollo, realized dream with "The Mystery Train" , my air-conditioned spa with room for everyone. I write satire, diatribes, solliloquys, shaggy doggerel, nasty critiques, take pictures, indulge my fantasies , and enjoy hanging with Li’l Boots, my adopted canid. I have volunteered at the Library,the W.C.H.C., Clean River Alliance, KGGV.LP 95.1 FM The Food Bank, Fife Creek restoration, picked up other folks’ garbage, and I write for me and media. Interests Breathing eating remaining ambulatory and conscious reading writing taking pix schmoozing traveling hugging pooches warmth stimulation relaxation passion love logic science and random creatures. I revel in moonlit meadows, sea breezes, natural beauty, honesty, spindrift, unpretentiousness, freedom and exhilaration.