Trippin’ In The Wilderness w/Johnny Saváge

On hiatus
Tripping in the Wilderness with Johnny Saváge is one of the most unique shows ever. When you join Johnny as he journeys through the backwoods of musical obscurity, you never know what part of the wilderness you’ll end up in. Sometimes it’s a venture deep into the underground world of obscure cult bands from all over the galaxy. Sometimes it’s a jaunt into far off and forgotten garages and basements to experience the finest in drug fueled fuzz, wah and feedback drenched 60’s psychedelia, or underground punk, progressive, and hard rock. Others times its a spin through the latest in political and social commentary from the voices of those that have been banished to the wilderness by mainstream society. No matter which path through the wilderness Johnny may choose it will always be a journey through new territory that you’ve never experienced before. Loud. Weird. Funny. Different. Music for teens of all ages. Come get lost in the wilderness, with Johnny Saváge.


Meet The Host

Host Name: Johnny Saváge
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