Backstage Sonoma

Odd Thursdays @2pm

Backstage Sonoma is a dynamic and engaging bi-monthly radio program showcasing musical talents from various genres and backgrounds. The show is designed to offer listeners a unique and intimate experience with touring and local artists, providing insights into the artists’ creative processes, upcoming shows, and new releases. Hosted by music journalist and entertainment reporter Steven Roby, the program promises to blend expert commentary, exclusive interviews, and new releases.

Roby brings a wealth of experience and credibility to Backstage Sonoma. As a seasoned music journalist and best-selling author, Steven has interviewed and worked with numerous high-profile artists. His extensive background in radio, with successful stints in the SF Bay Area, Hawaii, and Colorado, equips him with the skills to create an engaging and informative show. Steven’s deep connections in the music industry and his passion for uncovering untold stories will be a significant asset to the program.

Who is the target audience for Backstage Sonoma? Local Music Enthusiasts: Residents of Sonoma and the Bay Area who are passionate about music and enjoy discovering new talent.

Musicians and Industry Professionals: Artists and industry insiders looking for inspiration, collaboration opportunities, and industry insights. General Public: Listeners who enjoy engaging storytelling and exclusive content related to music and culture.

Backstage Sonoma is poised to become a cornerstone of the local music community, offering listeners a rich and immersive experience with exclusive content they can’t find anywhere else. With Steven Roby at the helm, the show will blend expert commentary, engaging interviews, and captivating live performances to create a must-listen program for music lovers in Sonoma and beyond. We are excited to bring this innovative show to the airwaves and look forward to your support in making Backstage Sonoma a resounding success.

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Meet The Host

Host Name: Steve Roby
Host Contact:
Host Info: Steven Roby is a respected Jimi Hendrix historian, archivist, and author. He has written feature articles and reviews for Goldmine and Guitar World and was editor of Straight Ahead: The International Jimi Hendrix Fanzine and the Hendrix family's authorized fanzine, Experience Hendrix. His previous books include Becoming Jimi Hendrix and Black Gold: The Lost Archives of Jimi Hendrix. Roby also worked for Experience Hendrix, LLC, the Hendrix family-owned company founded by James "Al" Hendrix, helped organize numerous tribute concerts including Seattle's Jimi Hendrix Electric Guitar Festival (1995), The Jimi Hendrix Guitar Competition (1997) and in 2009 he assembled over 370 guitarists (including Jimi's brother Leon) who played "Purple Haze" in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. Roby has lectured on Hendrix at the University of Indianapolis, the University of Victoria, and the University of California. In 2007, he began teaching a college course called Jimi Hendrix: His Life and Music, which featured a Grammy awarding producer and Hendrix's close friend Melinda Merryweather as guest speakers. In addition to writing and teaching, Roby has worked in Bay Area radio for the past thirty years co-producing syndicated shows, as a music director, and a morning show host.