To Your Health

On hiatus
“To Your Health” is a biweekly talk show hosted by local Integrative Medicine Physician Robert A. Schulman MD.

The show will cover topics pertaining to health and medicine, with a particular focus on Integrative Medicine.

Interviews will typically be taped. During the breaks, callers will have an opportunity to ask the host questions about the topic being discussed. From time to time, as available, the interviews will be live, and callers will be able to ask questions directly to the person being interviewed.

Future topics will include:

  • Herbal Medicine
  • Medical Acupuncture
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Massage Therapy
  • Bodywork such as
    1. Rolfing
    2. Body Mind Center
    3. Feldenkrais
    4. Alexander Method
  • Medical Cannabis
  • Regenerative medicine for treatment of arthritis and joint pain.
    1. Platelet rich plasma
    2. Bone marrow and fat derived stem cell
  • Psychedelics in medicine
  • Diet
    1. Paleolithic diet
    2. Low carb high fat diet
    3. Vegan plant based diet
  • Medical treatment of chronic pain
  • Interventional treatments for chronic pain
  • Medical conditions such as
    1. Alzheimer’s disease
    2. Parkinson’s disease
    3. Stroke
    4. Spinal cord injury
    5. Heart disease
    6. Diabetes



Meet The Host

Host Name: Dr. Robert A. Schulman
Host Contact: Not available
Host Info: Not available