On hiatus
We are undeniably living through apocalyptic times. Some working definitions of ‘apocalypse are, “uncover, disclose, reveal, insight & vision.” We absolutely need vision, insight and prayer to make it to the other side of all this revealing, intact.

In this show, I weave my love of music with some astro-philosophy, the intention being to offer a place to ground out,
to pray, to praise and to possibly find some guidance through these perilous times via the astrological lens.


Meet The Host

Host Name: Paetra Tauchert
Host Contact: Not available
Host Info: Paetra Tauchert is a consulting astrologer ( and writes a lavishly illustrated, bi-monthly newsletter based around the new and full Moons, 'heirloom magic' and nature ( She is also a lifelong artist of many mediums, as well as a master gardener. She keeps, loves and tends a big garden in west Sonoma County from where she draws much of her inspiration.