Blue Light Central

Tuesdays @ Noon
Every week, the big blue train we call the Blue Light Central rumbles out of the station for a two-hour ride through a landscape of blues, classic R&B, soul, gospel, zydeco and low-down boogie. Mark Drnek is your ticket agent, porter, engineer, brakeman and conductor on a weekly excursion through the vast music landscape.

His virtual blues train has been thundering through the trails of FM radio for nearly 16 years, having first made its home in the roundhouse of commercial radio before making the switch to public radio where it chugs along happily today.

With over 700 shows done and no sign of the train slowing down, there’s bound to be some great tunes on the track ahead. So tune in to hear the next show! Many ride’s even have themes, like the ABCs of Blues or tributes to amazing artists. So climb aboard and punch your tickets to musical bliss!


Meet The Host

Host Name: Mark Drnek
Host Contact: Not available
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