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Dead Air combines two passions. Radio and the Grateful Dead. Plus, it’s a great way to plow through all . . . I mean some of . . . the Grateful Dead music. Before the radio speakers, there was the older brother’s stereo. My introduction to Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Dark Side of the Moon, Kind of Blue, and the Grateful Dead came echoing through the basement hallway and into my room. Thankfully, our childhood home didn’t have great insulation for soundproofing. Or maybe it was because the older brother had a kickin’ stereo? Skeletons from the Closet: The Best of the Grateful Dead started me down the Golden Road to Unlimited Devotion . . .

Every town needs a “different” kind of radio station. KOWS is that different kind of radio station for this community it’s the perfect platform for Dead Air. My interest for the Grateful Dead was kicked into high gear from one of those “different” kind of radio stations in my hometown. There was a late night Grateful Dead radio program playing Jack Straw from a Dick’s Picks. It was an X-Factor moment. A few years later, my brother and I collected the entire Dick’s Picks series. By that time, I was starting some radio adventures. I’ve done radio in Seattle, Washington, various stations in Oregon (Klamath Falls, Eugene, and Portland). Hosting Dead Air is a way to “give back” and to move forward in this radio hobby.
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