Dirty Laundry with Flow J

Odd Thursdays @8pm

Modeled on the classic late-night FM DJs of the 70s and 80s, Dirty Laundry features an eclectic mix of groovy music, combined with entertaining show segments meant to make you laugh at the absurdity of life and ponder the ever-changing state of our Universe. Throw in a load of dirty laundry, turn on KOWS radio, and enter into a two-hour journey as your host Flow-J sanitizes your soul with a highly curated selection of rock, jazz, blues, funk, soul, psychedelic, country, and world. The music may be unpredictable but the groove is always sudsy. Adding in special segments like “Give the Drummer Some”, “Existential Question of the Week,” and “News of the Weird,” Flow J will keep you smiling while you work through the rinse and spin cycles, coming out the other side fresh and clean.

Dirty Laundry is brought to you by your on-air host Justin Berthiaume (aka FLOW-J). Flow-J originally hails from central Massachusetts, where he grew up listening to the wild morning shows and late-night album cuts on WAAF 107.3 in Worcester and WZLX 100.7 in Boston. After spending many years as a musician and bandleader in Boston and more years teaching high school in San Francisco, Flow-J now resides within the redwood forest of Freestone. Email him at flowjradio@gmail.com.



Meet The Host

Host Name: Flow J
Host Contact: flowjradio@gmail.com
Host Info: Not available