Lord Litter’s Magic Music Box

Sunday evenings @8pm Pacific

I started with a *cassette release only* show in 1987. The cassette release more or less guaranteed that the releasing musician searched for a real alternative to the music busines rules and regulations of these times. That was (and is!!) the idea of the show – promoting music from off the beaten path with a free mind. Important in these early years was a community feeling – doing something different .. together …

Today I see a bizarre mixture of industry rules and regulation and alternative structures that once were new and different. I – as DJ – drown in completely unpersonal electronic press kits, plus more so called *new revolutionary ways to promote* .. to cut a long story short, I get the same very unpleasent feeling I had, when I was working for *normal* radiostations in the 1980s. Musicians often no longer looking for an individual alternative way of being creative but looking for a way to become a star via different means.

All this is NOT part of my show

Today my show presents the new microcosm of free music production (once known as independent/alternative music, expressions, that – now integrated into the system – have no more relation to their original meaning)…….. music that is uniquely based on more than 70 years of recorded sound, whatever direction. *Home recorded* is an important aspect because it adds a very free and personal flair to the music ( BUT – don’t forget the first homerecorders were Les Paul and Mary Ford!! – http://reevesaudio.com/visitlesandmary.html) so the result of the production may be a very gentle/listenable one .. or it may be a disturbing harsh *noise*!! To me today’s *underground* is defined by a free unique mind using all new freedom to produce and distribute while keeping a personal/human aspect.

Accepted formats for the show: CD / Vinyl / cassette(!) NO MP3s/no direct play/etc – the music has to be accompanied by some kind of personal communication – at least e_mail (some people still know how to add a handwritten letter!!) – no so called *social network* communication whatsoever accepted.

I am back to realising the importance of a handmade release in a world where almost everything is now transformed into a digital unit. In the end it all will disappear into a meaningless mainstream (too much already has). I once started working as a promoter to support the individual idea of creation – so called *cassette releases* offering adventurous, challenging music/sounds as an alternative to the mainstream music biz (even if it was “only” pop music). Today’s mainstream is the internet. A worldwide platform where most offerings are owned by a few people that make an almost unbeliveable profit by inventing so called “free servies”. Except for non-profit offerings all “free servies” generate profit for the owner. To cut a very long and complex story short (I definitely do not detest the digital form or the internet, both help me in many ways) – BUT – I welcome small scale releases and I refuse material from the mainstream (major music biz, “free service” level). There are always “exceptions” but this is the basic line.

Lord Litter’s Magic Music Box show is produced in german langugage for (Radio Marabu, euro networkhttp://www.radiomarabu.de). The shows are also available for further listening and download at https://archive.org/details/@lord_litter.

Since summer 2015 I produce another show – Lord Litter’s Radio On Show – for Radio On Berlin (24 hour radio from Berlin http://www.radio-on-berlin.com/ english langugage)Radio On explores the expression of sound. Whatever you can do with sound you’ll find here, so my show tries to follow this route.

PS: One aspect of the concept of the shows is to present less artists .. but .. more often. So some releases are on air at my shows for months – not the usual 1-2 plays then being drowned in the heap of the *more and more an more*, which I experienced before I reconstructed my system. Todays world of the *mass appeal* kills individuality and quality – I’ll always try to explore a different path. I hope I can keep this idea even after this call to the world – if not I’ll slow down again and only present the ones that touch me most.

Vive La Difference!
Lord Litter



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