Making Your Mind Magnificent

Making Your Mind Magnificent

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Did you know that your brain believes EVERYTHING you tell it
…WITHOUT QUESTION! So when you say, “This is JUST too hard!” your brain actually MAKES IT HARD! But when you say, “This is SO easy!” your brain then looks for ways to MAKE IT EASY!  Wow!!!!

“Making Your Mind Magnificent” explores not only how we can change the way we think, but more importantly, how we can teach our brains to embrace that change!

Based on cognitive psychology and the neurosciences, Steven explores how:

1)   Your brain accepts and believes what we tell it

  • When I talk to you, you are talking to yourself three times faster, and your brain accepts everything you tell it…WITHOUT QUESTION.
  • So when you say, “That’s just too hard!” it immediately agrees…AND MAKES IT SEEM HARD!
  • However, when you say, “I CAN do this!” it does the opposite.  It not only agrees with you, It endeavors to find a way to not only do it, it also gives you both the energy and the creativity to get it done

2)   Your brain locks onto what YOU deem as important

  • Imagine a little boy first learning how to ride a bike. His father points to a rock fifty feet down the road and warns, “Don’t you run into that rock!” The little boy then starts peddling like mad with his eyes fastened onto the rock so he WON’T run into it. What happens? BAM! Right into the rock. Your brain works the same way
  • This however, is the snag, because your self-images ARE your strongest pictures. Since your brain has known these stronger pictures all your life, change can be very challenging.

3)     What will the audience take away every week? In addition to having a sound understanding of their brain’s amazing capacity to learn and grow and change, the audience will learn new ways of thinking, about themselves, and their world!


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