Maybe Forgotten Forever

Odd Tuesdays @4pm

MAYBE FORGOTTEN FOREVER is the title track of an ambient music album by obscure, deceased composer Ruben Garcia. It well describes an attitude of disconnect from the hustle bustle of the world of people, cast off in the desert, gazing at it from a distant promontory. It conjures images of things long ago and far away which can be accessed only by memory, or by sound recordings created in the past, many by people who are now dead.
Host John Trubee plays music selections from his collection of LPs and CDs. Oddball segments are planned, including live aleatory music, live guitar music, and stream of consciousness musings about anything and everything. No thematic boundaries circumscribe the program. Host John Trubee’s caprice is the decider and sole arbiter of whatever audio material is presented.



Meet The Host

Host Name: John Trubee
Host Contact:
Host Info: Born in Rapid City, South Dakota. Grew up in Princeton, New Jersey, John graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. He lived in North Hollywood, California from 1980 to 1992, releasing records under his own name as a recording artist, composer, and producer on the Enigma, Restless, Ear Movie, Cordelia, and Empty Records labels. John's written for SPIN, Music Connection, and BAM magazines. He's lived in Santa Rosa, California since 1992. He owns and releases LP records and CDs on his label TRUBEE RECORDS.