Fridays @ 11pm

Modulisme Sessions
Each of our program lasts one hour and is offering exclusive music from one composer. Bana Haffar, Jack Dangers, Scanner, Morton Subotnick, Benge, Suzanne Ciani, Bob Ostertag, Miguel Frasconi, Thomas Dimuzio, Doug Lynner, The Electric Weasel Ensemble (feat. Don Buchla), Todd Barton, Gino Robair, Tom Djll, Richard Scott, Jos Smolders, Kevin Rix, Alexeï Borisov, Kumo / Jono Podmore from UK, Warner Jepson, Yoshio Machida, Paul M. Young (from Snakefinger/The Residents), André Stordeur, Paul Pignon, Köhn, Thomas Ankersmit, Jill Fraser, Lyz Phillips, Ivan + Serge + Stefan Tcherepnin, Gary Chang, Alvin Curran…

Early electroMIX
Early ElectroMIX is a series documenting the history of experimental electronic music from the 1950s to the 1980s. Featuring composers making use of electronic instruments, test equipment, generators of synthetic signals and sounds, to analog synthesizers, including Delia Derbyshire (The BBC Radiophonic Workshop ), Ilhan Mimaroglu, Alvin Lucier, Brian Eno, Tod Dockstader, Louis and Bebe Barron, Pierre Henry, Kraftwerk, Daphné Oram, György Ligeti, John Cage, David Tudor, Bernard Herrmann, Morton Subotnick, Vladimir Ussachevsky, Max Mathews, Suzanne Ciani, Pauline Oliveros, Priscilla Mc Lean, Hugh Le Caine, Iannis Xenakis, Bruno Maderna, Henri Pousseur, Pril Smiley, Milton Babbitt, Toru Takemitsu, Denis Smalley, Annea Lockwood, Ruth Anderson, Makoto Moroi, Guy Reibel, Joel Chadabe, and countless other luminaries.

“While our sessions document those who make the music today my desire is to transmit some pioneering works which paved the way to what we try to create. Realizing that most of those seminal recordings were not available I decided to archive them in a contemporary way, DJing-mixing them and while most of the time running several sources together or in medleys I made sure to respect the original intent of each composer as I want to transmit their message rather than mine. The only one I would dare deliver being that they should not be forgotten… ” — Philippe Petit


Meet The Host

Host Name: Philippe Petit
Host Contact:
Host Info: A journalist for various magazines and radio DJ since 1983, as well as a musical activist, Philippe Petit has celebrated more than 35 years of sharing and transmitting his musical passions. Since the early 2000s Petit has served as a « musical travel agent and has been performing the world. Feeling lucky to release on several international labels such as Aagoo, Southern UK, Monotype, Bölt, Alrealon Musique, Beta Lactam Ring, Sub Rosa, HomeNormal, Important, Public Eyesore, Utech, and Staubgold.