The Alan Watts Talk

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Recorded talks and seminars by Alan Watts, from many sources. Many have
several parts, broadcast in consecutive order.

Alan Watts (1915-1973), authored many books and delivered hundreds of
talks and seminars on religious and philosophical traditions. Most
focused on Eastern religions and philosophies, particularly Buddhism,
and many also explicated Christian and Jewish traditions.

Alan Watts’s book “The Way of Zen” was a best seller in the USA in 1957.
That was my introduction to Alan Watts’ work.

After Alan Watts’ death, in ceremonies at Green Gulch monastery,
according to Monica Furlong’s biography of Alan watts:

At the Crossing Over ceremony Zentatsu Baker-roshi – carrying the monk’s
staff Alan Watts had once given Suzuki-roshi at Tassajara – gave Watts a
Buddhist name, Yu Zen Myo Ko – Profound Mountain, Subtle Light – to
which he added the title Dai Yu Jo Mon – Great Founder, Opener of the
Great Zen Samadhi Gatea, he said, “given very rarely, once a generation
or a century.”

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