The Children’s Hour

Saturdays @ 3pm

The Children’s Hour Inc is a New Mexico based non profit organization which creates broadcast media that is educational, entertaining and engaging, and also includes kids who participate in its creation.
We produce and distribute of high quality children’s media, that’s cultivated through community involvement and immersion. Our award winning kids public radio program, The Children’s Hour can be heard on public radio stations across the United States and Canada.
Our program themes focus on four areas: STEM education, civics, cultural education and performance.
We produce our shows with a crew of active volunteer kids who we call our “Kids Crew”. Sometimes our programs are produced in collaboration with a teacher or school, as part of our RadioKids School Project. We also collaborate with teachers at schools with a Title 1 designation, or where the students experience other challenges.
Half of our shows are originally broadcast live from a public venue, where the audience is part of the show. We feature young musicians, storytellers, scientific experts of all ages, and plenty of jokes.
Listener support makes the work of The Children’s Hour, Inc. possible. We also receive funding from the City of Albuquerque, the County of Bernalillo, New Mexico, our corporate sponsors, and nonprofit foundations and private donor funds.
We’re committed to making sure kids have a voice in public radio, and we create a program that never alienates adults.
We’d love to hear from you! Send us a comment, or leave us a voice message on our SpeakEasy voice message on every page and you might hear yourself on the radio!

Meet The Host

Host Name: Katie Stone
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