The Freelance Music Show

Even Fridays at 9pm

The Freelance Music Show consists of mostly guitar oriented songs mined from the deeper forgotten tracks of the 60s,70s,80s, and 90s….with just the right amount of new music flavoring the mix.  Lance Harmening hosts and invites you to experience the great sounds that are never played on radio anymore…well, anywhere but KOWS. The rock bands and artists that are on the classic rock channels these days are only represented by their ‘big hits’…over and over (and over) again. Lance has the remedy for that, excavating the very best from the hundreds of album’s, cassettes, CDs, and  Pono player tracks…all from years past and present. The word ‘obscure’ is often maligned…but not here. Join Lance for two hours of forgotten tracks.


Meet The Host

Host Name: Lance Harmening
Host Contact:
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