Antenna Move – Sebastopol City Application Withdrawn

Press Release
KOWS Community Radio Withdraws City Application for Antenna Move

February 22, 2017

To: Amie Windsor,
From: Laura Goldman,, and 707 481-4843

KOWS Community Radio has withdrawn its application to relocate the station’s broadcast antenna to the City of Sebastopol’s Pleasant Hill Road reservoir site.

Although the project was fully approved by the City of Sebastopol, KOWS decided it is best for the economic health of our community to seek another FCC-allowable location for the station’s low-power FM antenna.

KOWS believes the City of Sebastopol was willing to fully defend the lawsuit filed in opposition to the project. However, KOWS has withdrawn its application to prevent the City from incurring the burden of expensive and non-recoverable legal defense costs.

We appreciate the continued support of the Sebastopol City Council and City Staff throughout this long process, and we remain committed to serving our entire community with quality broadcasting as the public radio Voice of West Sonoma County.