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Streaming Bandwidth Options

Listening to the KOWS stream on the road? Internet reception can be a little tricky in areas where there’s public Wifi or you are using your phone data. Instead of a water main for our signal to flow through, it becomes more like it’s flowing through a straw. This causes dropouts and lags. A recent… Read more »

A Fresh App Look

Our KOWS streaming app is moooving. Beginning Wednesday, February 28, we are moving to a new app for streaming. This means that your KOWS app will no longer carry our broadcast. Instead, we will be streaming through the Radio Rethink app which you can download from the Apple App Store.  Just visit the App Store… Read more »

FM Signal – Temporary interruption

We have some important news to share with the Herd and our loyal listeners. Beginning Sunday, December 5th, KOWS will temporarily suspend broadcasting from Occidental on 92.5 FM. Our hosts, the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center, are repurposing the site where we’ve housed our antenna for over 14 years and we will be forever indebted… Read more »

Free KOWS App Store Player

We have some important news to share with our Herd members today. KOWS Community Radio is bolstering its streaming presence with a free app that listeners can download to their mobile devices. This means that you can stream us with one-click wherever you can get a phone call: on a hike, in your car, or… Read more »

KOWS.FM Link ‘Retired’

Many of our listeners have browser shortcuts, Favorites, and links they use to access KOWS so we felt that it was important to get the word out that if your link references KOWS.FM you will need to change that link to KOWSFM.COM. On April 28, the KOWS.FM link will be no more. KOWS Community Radio… Read more »

KOWS Move to Santa Rosa

Dan Kerbein, co-host of the former KOWS show Radio Spotlight Magazinepublished an in-depth article about the history of KOWS, the meaning of the ‘community’ in community radio, and the recent move we made from Occidental to Sebastopol and then downtown Santa Rosa.  Check out the article and, at the same time, mark your calendars for… Read more »

Palm Drive Acquisition Forum

On February 8, 2019, the League of Women Voters held a non-partisan forum on the topic of the proposed acquisition of Palm Drive Hospital by Modesto-based American Advanced Management Group. The following is a somewhat edited (for brevity) recording of the forum. A shorter version of this will be broadcast ahead of the March 5… Read more »

A Call for Donations

KOWS Community Radio is a 501c3 non-profit radio station. We rely on our listeners to help support our mission of delivering unique and alternative programming that reflects our community. We don’t beat you over the head with on-air fund drives but we do have to reach out sometimes for an ‘ask’. Our move has stretched… Read more »

KOWS Studio’s New Home

After an exhaustive search, particularly along the 116 corridor and West of 101, looking at every possibility in a real estate market that was wanting for the kind of space we needed, KOWS Community Radio was able to land a suitable space for our studio. After three years at the United Methodist Church in Sebastopol,… Read more »

Submitting a PSA to KOWS

Public Service Announcements (PSAs) can help get the word out about your organization or event! The airing of Public Service Announcements is essential to our mission to serve and inform the public. KOWS takes its role seriously to assist non-profit organizations who receive little exposure through commercial and corporate media sources. How PSAs are selected… Read more »