KOWS.FM Link ‘Retired’

Many of our listeners have browser shortcuts, Favorites, and links they use to access KOWS so we felt that it was important to get the word out that if your link references KOWS.FM you will need to change that link to KOWSFM.COM. On April 28, the KOWS.FM link will be no more.

KOWS Community Radio relies on the kindness of our underwriters, listeners, the community ‘Herd’, and show hosts for ongoing support. Our decision to drop the KOWS.FM was one of financial austerity. We had been paying around $70 annually for the KOWS.FM domain in 2018. GoDaddy, a large corporate and might we term ‘infamous’ tech giant, acquired the rights of ownership to all .FM domains. Shortly thereafter domain costs more than doubled.

Because the increase was done at the last minute, we had no choice at the time but to pay out through April 2021 for the domain. In early 2019, our Steering Committee made the decision that we would need to drop the domain and, in its place, purchased rights to the domain KOWSFM.COM at a more reasonable cost of $16 annually. The decision was made knowing that there was nothing to prevent GoDaddy from continuing to take advantage of the situation year in and year out.

It was at that time that we chose to begin removing broadcast references to the old domain in favor of the new. With April 28th fast approaching, we are completing the task by replacing all of our literature, flyers, bumper stickers, and web content with the new KOWSFM.COM site name.

Thanks for your understanding and thanks for your ongoing support. If you have questions or issues connecting, please email Dave at kows@sonic.net.