Become a KOWS Underwriter

(for barely over a dollar a day!)

Click here to download our KOWS Underwriter Contract (PDF format)

Sponsorship of KOWS-lp is very simple!

  • Sponsorship for one year is $449. That’s about $1.25 per day.
  • A six-month sponsorship is $249.
  • A three month sponsorship is $149.
  • A two year double one-year sponsorship is $779.

As a sponsor, you will receive a guarantee of five sponsorship on-air mentions per week during your first four months for the duration of your term. You may designate one of those sponsorship mentions to be on the show of your choice. Additional sponsorship mentions above the minimum will be made as available. DOUBLE sponsors will receive double the number of mentions.

You will also qualify for the following;

  • A guarantee that your rates will not increase for three years
  • A listing on our web site (
  • A store window sticker that you can proudly display showing your support for community radio.

For more information and to become a sponsor:
Contact KOWS-lp at