About KOWS Radio

You can become a member of KOWS for as little as $25 annually. Just click here.

With 75 local volunteer show hosts aged nine to ninety KOWS radio produces a wide variety of original recorded and in-studio live music, discussion and public affairs programming. We are working hard to support our station and we depend on listener generosity to cover our operational costs.

We can be found at 92.5 the FM dial and our current reach is a good part of West Sonoma County with portions of Santa Rosa and Sebastopol able to pick up the ‘terrestrial’ signal. For listeners elsewhere in the county (and for that matter around the world) we can be heard on the internet by clicking on the Listen link at the top of this page. We’re proud to say that we have avid listeners throughout the world.

KOWS is an all-volunteer committee-run station. To help on a committee or for more information, please contact a member below. We have been on the air for over eight years. The management of the station is carried out by an eight-member Steering Committee that meets monthly. Each member represents one of eight subcommittees that keep the station operating. Each subcommittee reports to the Steering Committee monthly. There are general meetings as needed for all volunteers for reports, updates, and to vote on significant issues. KOWS costs about $20,000 annually to operate. As an all-volunteer organization, every dollar we receive goes to our operations: rent, phone, internet, music royalties, insurance, and studio equipment and supplies. Our income is sourced from business members, individual donations, small grants, and our many community benefit events. KOWS takes no money from the Public Broadcast System.

The 2018 Steering Committee members, and their roles, are outlined below:

Programming Don Campau campaudj@comcast.net
Fundraising Arnold Levine arnold101@earthlink.net
Treasurer Donald True true@sonic.net
Events open
Technical Stuart Goodnick sgoodnick@gmail.com
Studio Operations Teresa Tudury kowssc@yahoo.com
Social Media/Communications Dave Stroud dave@deeperrootsradio.com
Volunteer Coordinator Minkoff Chatoy minkoffchatoy@gmail.com
Member at large Suzanne Lang lit-radio@sonic.net








You can email the entire Steering Committee by sending an email to kowssc@yahoo.com.

KOWS Mission/Vision Statement

KOWS-lp FM is an FCC licensed Community Radio Station broadcasting from Occidental, CA, and serving West Sonoma County.

The programmers at KOWS are dedicated to broadcast original, locally produced programming with music, information, interviews, and other shows, from a local, national and international perspective. We continue to teach real-world broadcasting, and management job skills and we will utilize new technology to enhance our broadcast, web and social media presences. Our goal is to provide exceptional quality programming, that is diverse, and which is inspired by the lives of our local residents.

We serve as the voice of a small, local community, and also join our voice with the rich and diverse voices of other small communities throughout the world. We will also ensure that local emergency information, and news, is relayed promptly and accurately, so that the listening audience can be informed on all issues of importance.