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KOWS Archives

                                                               You can listen to the archives of these shows by clicking on their image.A handful of our volunteer programmers have made their shows available for streaming and download! Don’t see your favorite show listed?… Read more »

A Call For Hosts

Become a host

That’s right. You can become a DJ or show host on KOWS Community Radio! No experience needed, all training given, and it only takes a few hours. Diversity encouraged, no age limits, alter-abled friendly. Our studio is conveniently located in downtown Santa Rosa and we broadcast 24/7, with convenient parking. Weekly, biweekly or monthly shows, either one… Read more »

New Station FM Location

After an exciting and exhilarating ten years serving West Sonoma County at 107.3 on the FM dial, we moved. Our new home is 92.5 FM. The purpose of this move was to ensure that our signal was not drowned out by a mega-station that has grown such that its signal was stepping all over us… Read more »

Antenna Move – Sebastopol City Application Withdrawn

Press Release KOWS Community Radio Withdraws City Application for Antenna Move February 22, 2017 To: Amie Windsor, From: Laura Goldman,, and 707 481-4843 KOWS Community Radio has withdrawn its application to relocate the station’s broadcast antenna to the City of Sebastopol’s Pleasant Hill Road reservoir site. Although the project was fully approved by… Read more »

5th District Candidate Discussion

On Friday, October 21, Living Room Laura and Arnoldo hosted a discussion with 5th District Supervisor candidates Lynda Hopkins and Noreen Evans. The two hour discussion took place in an intimate setting with a small crowd of observers at the KOWS studio.  It’s was recorded for your pleasure and can be found here:

Antenna NIER Report

KOWS has commissioned to the completion of a “Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation” (NIER) report for our proposed antenna site in Sebastopol. You can view this report by clicking here:

Broadcast Schedule During Move

With our studio move beginning in the late evening of Tuesday, November 24th and concluding in the wee hours of Wednesday, November 25th, KOWS will be off the air while the equipment is shutdown, moved, and restarted in the new facility in Sebastopol. This means that our schedule is going to be slowly ramped back… Read more »

Studio Relocation Finalized

by Arnold Levine (Also…check out this week’s North Bay Bohemian article! Click here) With the commercial rental market so tight in West County, KOWS’ search for a new studio space by December 1st was looking bleak to dire. But the KOWS community came through! One of our herd members, Richard Ruge, took the challenge and… Read more »

Antenna Relocation Matching Funds Grant

There is very good news to report. KOWS has been awarded $5,000 from The Fessenden Fund ( a charitable group in San Diego) for antenna relocation. In addition, they have also offered to fund an additional $5,000 if we can come up with another $5,000 in matching funds ourselves. Needless to say, this will bring us much closer to our hopes of… Read more »