Submitting a PSA to KOWS

Public Service Announcements (PSAs) can help get the word out about your organization or event!

The airing of Public Service Announcements is essential to our mission to serve and inform the public. KOWS takes its role seriously to assist non-profit organizations who receive little exposure through commercial and corporate media sources.

How PSAs are selected for broadcast

  • PSAs are initially processed by a KOWS Steering Committee member. Those deemed suitable for broadcast are put into the rotation in our 24 hour radio ‘Loop’.
  • Once fully vetted, on-air staff select PSAs to read over the air. While the selection is random, i.e., a particular announcement is not scheduled on a specific show at a specific time in our schedule (unlike paid underwriting spots) on-air staff are encouraged to provide each announcement with an equal amount of airtime. Each PSA is documented on our program logs after each airing and we air between one and two PSAs per hour 24 hours per day.
  • We only air PSAs for non-profit organizations. Commercial/for-profit businesses and organizations should contact us at to discuss paid program sponsorship. You can sign up for underwriting by visiting
  • On the pull date, it is then removed from the PSA pool.
  • PSAs can also be rejected for logistical reasons such as late submission, illegibility, verbosity, and improper formatting.

PSA Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines when writing your PSA:

  • Include all dates, times, and contact information
    People need to know, right? This information should be in the first or second sentence of the announcement.
  • Avoid Calls to Action
    As a community, non-profit radio station, KOWS cannot directly command or urge listeners to carry out an action. Instead of “Come on Down”, “Stop By”, or “Check out”, try “You are invited to..” or other neutral wording, including how to get more information, i.e. “More information is available online at www …. or by phone at XXX-XXX-XXXX …” Please make sure to include area codes in phone numbers, even if it is a local area 831 number.
  • PSAs cannot contain prices, costs, or inducements to buy
    As a community, non-profit radio station, KOWS cannot mention prices, evenif the event is free (zero dollars is an amount).
    “Ticket information is available by phone at 707-823-1234” or “Admission information is available online at www…” is preferable to “Tickets are Available for $5” or “Parking is $42”, “Seniors are Half Price”. This also includes language regarding raffles, prizes, or contests.
  • State only Facts
    PSAs can only contain value-neutral wording. Words such as “best”, “interesting”, “fun”, “entertaining”, and “high quality” are all statements of opinion and can only be used in quotations such as “The North Bay Bohemian has called the Sebastopol Community Center the ‘best entertainment on a Tuesday Night!’”, assuming it has been published.
  • Keep it Short and Fluid!
    PSAs should be thirty to sixty seconds long (about 30-100 words), though our recommendation is to keep it short – try for a maximum of thirty seconds. Long PSAs are less likely to be chosen by on-air staff due to time constraints and incompatibility to show format.  Also, please keep your wording easy to follow — use short sentences, and avoid long clauses. PSAs are read by on-air staff directly from the original submission, leaving no time for impromptu sentence composition.
  • Provide pronunciation (pro-NUN-see-A-shun) of difficult words and names.
    Field-specific, foreign, or technical words can be difficult to figure out on the fly. Please make sure to include those in your submissions!
  • Do not submit press releases, brochures, calendars 
    Due to the volume of PSA’s received by KOWS, we lack the resources necessary to convert these items into ready-to-air Public Service Announcements.  Please convert these into PSAs using the above guidelines prior to submitting to KOWS.

 Submitting a PSA

Submit your PSA by email to or through the contact form below at least three (3) weeks prior to the date on which the PSA should no longer be broadcast (i.e., “pull” date).  PSAs may also be submitted by mail to the following address:

KOWS Radio
ATTN: PSA Director
P.O. Box 1073
Occidental, CA  95465

Your Name (required)

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Any Questions or Comments

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KOWS Studio – January 2019 Relocation

KOWS is looking for a new home for our studio.

After three years of hosting the KOWS studio, The United Methodist Church will be implementing alternative plans for the classroom facility in 2019. As such the UMC has decided to NOT renew our current lease. We will need to move out no later than January 31, 2019.

The last three years have been very productive for KOWS with growth in the diversity and quality of our programming, many successful community programs, and an overall growth in the vitality of the station. So we are grateful to the UMC for having provided the studio space that fostered our growth.

Given our timeline for relocation, we need help from the community in finding a new location for the studio. This is a high priority now for our entire herd. The general outline of the kind space we need is as follows:

  1. A space that is 300 square feet or more
  2. Rent in the $500-$800/month range
  3. Ideally located in Sebastopol or West Sonoma County (though we will consider all options)
  4. ADA compliance (disabled access)
  5. Access to nearby bathrooms
  6. A well-lit and safe space
  7. 24 hour access
  8. High speed internet access (Comcast access preferred)

If you have ideas on a location, please attempt to qualify it against the above list before submitting it to the Steering Committee. This will help keep our process as efficient as possible. Please also provide an exact address, contact phone number, and any other information you can get.

Send your information to Don Campau ( or give him a call at (707) 478-8541

Though we will be sad to leave our current home at the UMC, we also look to this situation as an opportunity to find a new home that will help take KOWS to a new level of growth. Needless to say, we need to find a new home very soon, so keep your eyes open and let’s do this together!

KOWS Archives


You can listen to the archives of these shows by clicking on their image.
A handful of our volunteer programmers have made their shows available for streaming and download!



A Call For Hosts

That’s right. You can become a DJ or show host on KOWS Community Radio! No experience needed, all training given, and it only takes a few hours.

Diversity encouraged, no age limits, alter-abled friendly.

Our studio is conveniently located in downtown Sebastopol and we broadcast 24/7, with on-site parking.

Weekly, biweekly or monthly shows, either one or two hours long are available. Night-owl? Early bird? Show slots open on all days and all hours.

What would you like to do? A morning drive-time show? Under-represented music genres? Public and civic issues? Live music, poetry, storytelling? Alternative lifestyles and viewpoints?

Apply now!  Just follow these simple steps:
1.  Click on this link
2.  Print out the form
3.  Fill it out
4.  Send via email or snailmail (instructions on the form)

Join the Herd!


New Station FM Location

Move to 92.5

Move to 92.5

After an exciting and exhilarating ten years serving West Sonoma County at 107.3 on the FM dial, we moved. Our new home is 92.5 FM. The purpose of this move was to ensure that our signal was not drowned out by a mega-station that has grown such that its signal was stepping all over us at 107.3. Our new location is much quieter, allowing us to bring you a signal that is improved. The next goal is to find a permanent spot for our tiny 5-10w antenna that will allow our signal to be shared with as many West County locations possible. Stay tuned for more detail.

Antenna Move – Sebastopol City Application Withdrawn

Press Release
KOWS Community Radio Withdraws City Application for Antenna Move

February 22, 2017

To: Amie Windsor,
From: Laura Goldman,, and 707 481-4843

KOWS Community Radio has withdrawn its application to relocate the station’s broadcast antenna to the City of Sebastopol’s Pleasant Hill Road reservoir site.

Although the project was fully approved by the City of Sebastopol, KOWS decided it is best for the economic health of our community to seek another FCC-allowable location for the station’s low-power FM antenna.

KOWS believes the City of Sebastopol was willing to fully defend the lawsuit filed in opposition to the project. However, KOWS has withdrawn its application to prevent the City from incurring the burden of expensive and non-recoverable legal defense costs.

We appreciate the continued support of the Sebastopol City Council and City Staff throughout this long process, and we remain committed to serving our entire community with quality broadcasting as the public radio Voice of West Sonoma County.

5th District Candidate Discussion

On Friday, October 21, Living Room Laura and Arnoldo hosted a discussion with 5th District Supervisor candidates Lynda Hopkins and Noreen Evans. The two hour discussion took place in an intimate setting with a small crowd of observers at the KOWS studio.  It’s was recorded for your pleasure and can be found here:

Antenna NIER Report

KOWS has commissioned to the completion of a “Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation” (NIER) report for our proposed antenna site in Sebastopol.

You can view this report by clicking here:


Broadcast Schedule During Move

With our studio move beginning in the late evening of Tuesday, November 24th and concluding in the wee hours of Wednesday, November 25th, KOWS will be off the air while the equipment is shutdown, moved, and restarted in the new facility in Sebastopol. This means that our schedule is going to be slowly ramped back up. Here’s what to expect:

Tuesday, November 24th 10pm thru Wednesday morning
KOWS will be off-air.

Wednesday, November 25th thru the morning of Friday, November 27th
KOWS will be in ‘automation’ mode. Loop and syndicated shows will air. No live broadcasts.

Friday, November 27th
Welcome to KOWS broadcasting from Sebastopol!


Studio Relocation Finalized

by Arnold Levine

(Also…check out this week’s North Bay Bohemian article! Click here)
With the commercial rental market so tight in West County, KOWS’ search for a new studio space by December 1st was looking bleak to dire. But the KOWS community came through! One of our herd members, Richard Ruge, took the challenge and found our future home. With the Steering Committee’s authority given them by the Herd we are signing a lease with the Methodist Church at 500 N. Main Street, Sebastopol, opposite Safeway on Highway 116.

The church has some classrooms that they no longer use and we will be able to rent one as our studio with an option to take an additional room if needed should we want to expand at a later date.  The space provides a unique opportunity for KOWS to best serve our expanding West County audience as it is central to Sebastopol. There is plenty of off-street parking (except during their Sunday morning service), with two ADA (Americans with Disabilities) parking spaces, ADA bathrooms, and lighting along the entryway. We will also have our KOWS sign prominently displayed on Highway 116.

Historical note: The Methodist church property is the longest deeded, continuously-owned property since Sebastopol’s incorporation in 1902.

The real work will begin once the lease is signed. The classroom needs fixing up for our purposes especially the main console and partition. Some minor electrical work needs to be done to provide reliable supply for our vital equipment. We’ll also need some minor sound-proofing which will include carpeting.

With all of our brawn, brains and fundraising skills pitching in, we can make our move smooth and rise to a much higher profile in the West County community, hopefully just a few months ahead of our antenna relocation.

Once our Sebastopol move has worked out, we also have an opportunity in Occidental to establish a second smaller (satellite) studio at the YMCA Community Center. There is still a lot of detail to work out and we’re going to be reaching out to our Occidental and River community to help at making this a reality. Robert Feuer has offered to help set up a subcommittee to move this forward.