A Course in Miracles

Anasuya brings fresh insight to A Course in Miracles, a guided journey into love’s presence.

A Fool in the Forest
A Fool In The Forest

Host Minkoff Chatoy interviews people and their passion, bringing the community to the microphone.

Acting Up
Acting Up Radio

On hiatus
Host Will Roberts explores the world of actors and acting

AleK With a K

A three hour musical variety extravaganza covering sixty years of rock ‘n roll.

Ask the Astrologer
Ask The Astrologer

On hiatus
Matt Savinar discusses how planets and stars affect our lives and provides context with sounds and timely interviews.

Attila’s Athletic Hour

1st&3rd SUNDAYS @1pm
An hour long talk show of national and local sports topics with your host Attila

Aural Innovations

SUNDAYS @ 10pm
Radio show and web zine that focuses on Space Rock, Psychedelia, and psychedelically-oriented Stoner Rock

Blue Light Central

Odd SUNDAYS @3pm
The Blue Light Central rumbles out of the station for a ride through blues, classic R&B, soul, gospel, Zydeco, and low-down boogie.

Blue Moon Americana

A curated weekly show introducing new Americana releases and exploring classics of the past.

Bluegrass and Old-Time Hour
Bluegrass & Old-Time Hour

Mark Hogan brings you two hours of the new and classic bluegrass and old-time music

Blues Up The River
Blues Up The River

Robert keeps the blues alive, spinning R&B, blues, soul, and elements of backporch tradition every Wednesday

Border Free Music Show

Traveling the globe bringing a musical feast for your ears. New artists, old favorites and live performances in folk, rock and blues.

British Music Rocks

On hiatus
British Music Rocks is a two-hour, weekly radio show bringing the listener fantastic music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

Celtic Coach Radio Show

An Irish music show featuring interviews with the best speakers and transformational teachers on the Planet.

Celtic Contrasts
Celtic Contrasts

A two hour program of music from Scotland, Ireland, and countries around the world wherever Celts have wandered.

Community Matters

1st/3rd MONDAY @5pm
Host to provide

Cool and Unusual
Cool & Unusual Sounds

Odd SATURDAYs @11am
Aaron spins a syncopated selection of film clips, sound bites, and music with an ear for the unusual.


Even MONDAYS @11am
CounterSpin provides a critical examination of the major stories every week, exposing what mainstream media misses

Crow With No Mouth

Experimental music from around the globe: electro-acoustic, improvisation, noise, extreme computer works, and more!

Dead Air

Most SUNDAYS @11am
The Grateful Dead in concert/in studio from 1965–1995. Cory Daniels shares selections from live concerts, rare highlights, and fine studio releases.

Deep Colours

Odd SUNDAYS @8pm
Deep, eclectic and sophisticated music from Ambient to Slow Motion and more beat-focused sounds – simply “music that lasts”.

Deeper Roots
Deeper Roots

A century of America’s music featuring gospel, country, bluegrass, jazz, blues, and everything in between.

Deeper Roots
Deeper Roots Revisited

Even MONDAYS @Midnight
Topical and themed shows featuring gospel, country, bluegrass, jazz, blues, and more.

Democracy Now!

Pioneering the largest public media collaboration in the U.S., Democracy Now! is broadcast on the Pacifica Radio Network.

Deprogramming Center

Odd SATURDAYS @Midnight
Avant Garde rarities and unusual music from around the world.

Dick Lee’s 60s Garage Rock

Hear the mind blowing sounds of California Garage Rock from the decade of the 1960s with host Dick Lee

Down Home Music
Down Home Music

1st/2nd THURSDAYS @5pm
A show featuring Chicago blues as well as rhythms from a variety of musical genres: strong rhythms, passionate feeling and funky beats.

Dream Apnea
Dream Apnea

A continuous mix of music and sounds mimicking a dream while exploring topics related to why people experience trouble dreaming.

Emerge Radio

Even SUNDAYS @2pm
More information to come

Evolutionary Voices

On hiatus
Giving voice to the evolutionary potential with inspirational local, national and international thought and social action leaders.

Feast On This

On hiatus
A jazz show featuring European Jazz and rarities of American jazz.

Feisty Females
Feisty Females

An eclectic blend of music and interviews featuring a variety of amazing female singer/songwriters from around the world.

For The Wild

Protecting and restoring the great living libraries of The Pacific Northwest

Freudian Slippers

Odd SUNDAYS @Midnight
Lori Curtis hosts music and likes to call it “Posturepedic for the cerebellum”.

Global Village
Global Village

3rd/5th Wednesdays @11am
As Duke Ellington famously said, there are two kinds of music. Global Village…from all over the globe.

Grazing In The Grass
Grazing In The Grass

Host to provide

Grow Your Power

1st WEDNESDAYS @11am
Host Anne Greenfield presents skills and experiences of homesteading. Save money and become independent!

Growing an Elder Culture
Growing an Elder Culture

A compelling round table discussion of all things we need to know for our own aging baby boomer population.

Holy Cow!
Holy Cow

Odd Fridays @9pm
A weave of intense electronic music. Trap, breaks, downtempo, infotech all remixed and plastered lovingly upon the audio wall.

I Hear You Rockin’ Live

2nd/4th SATURDAYS @Noon
Everything from Al Green to Green Day, Lynyrd Skynyrd to The Lumineers…


Odd Wednesdays @10pm
Host to provide

In The Groove

Even SUNDAYS @4pm
From Jazz masters of past and present to emerging new artists performing modern jazz and fusion. No smooth jazz here!

In Your Right Mind

First SUNDAY @7pm
An interview and advice show where we will explore the latest in Spiritual Psychology, New Age, Somatics,and Dance.

Inr Circle

On hiatus
inr Circle is an online magazine for Sonoma County. Keep in touch!

Jazz and Culture
Jazz and Culture With Donald True

Even SUNDAYS @5pm
Classics of jazz.

Laura's Living Room
Laura’s Living Room

Eclectic music, scintillating schmooze, and a variety of topic mavens entertain, inform, inspire and activate listeners nearly every week.

Le Show
Le Show

A wildly clever, iconoclastic stew of talk, music, political commentary, humorous readings and scripted skits.

Lit Radio
Lit Radio

Even SUNDAYS @7pm
Suzanne Lang visits with local authors, offering insight and topical discussion about their works.

Live From Fur Peace Ranch

Jorma Kaukonen hosts musicians in an eclectic series of concerts recorded at the Fur Peace Ranch guitar camp.

Live From The Double-Wide
Live From The Double-Wide

Singer songwriter and West Coast chanteuse Teresa Tudury brings home the interviews and music including her own

Live Wire! Radio

Music from up-and-coming bands, comedy, performance and scintillating interviews with people who think cool thoughts

Living Health w/Nurse Ivy

Even SATURDAYS @11am
Tune in for the topic or special interviews with local health masters who have a pearl of wisdom to share for the listeners

Making Contact
Making Contact

Odd MONDAYS @11am
In-depth critical analyis that goes beyond the breaking news, showcasing voices and perspectives rarely heard in mainstream media

Making Your Mind Magnificent
Making Your Mind Magnificent

Explores how we can change the way we think and also how we can teach our brains to embrace that change!

Mandolins, Cabbages & Kings
Mandolins Cabbages And Kings

Phil Lawrence brings his love of mandolin to the airwaves and welcomes musicians and local school students.

Maria’s Non-Pompous Food Talk

2nd & 4th MONDAYS @8pm
A lighthearted look into food, drink and everything about cooking and gathering in culinary love

Martian Gardens

On hiatus
Martian Gardens is a weekly radio program featuring the finest in contemporary classical and experimental music.

Matrix of Perception

Even Sundays @11pm
Unusual and underground topics with interviews and content often focused on paranormal and fringe subjects.

Moon Over Bohemia

Odd MONDAYS @8pm
Host to provide

Morning Classical Show

On hiatus
A four-part series that features music from the festival, reminiscences from tour alumni and audio postcards from Vermont.

Music for Troublemakers
Music For Troublemakers

2nd & 4th Tuesdays @10pm
Stef moved here all the way from the Bronx to share music with you. Indie rock, folk, world music and a bit of everything else too!

Music From The Diasporas

Music from Southern and Eastern Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, India and beyond with your host Alan Marz.

Musical Stew

Even SUNDAYS @8pm
A smorgasbord of sound cooked up by DJ Pat featuring a wide-array of ingredients. No rules, no boundaries.

Neptune Currents

An eclectic blend of ambient, electronic and contemplative music, originating from KKUP (91.5 FM) in the South Bay.

New Dimensions Radio

Tap into your own innate wisdom, genius, and peace of mind through these dialogues that will change your life.

Newtopian Dream
Newtopian Dream

RT Newt brings you music on a whim and with inspiration

No Pigeonholes
No Pigeonholes EXP

Experimental music and unusual sounds. Noise, free jazz, electronics, sound collage, improvisation, drone and more.

Nonviolence Radio

Stephanie Van Hook and Michael Nagler host this show originally produced and aired on KWMR in Point Reyes.

Odd Saturdays with Vaughn

Tech talk…music…and more!

Off The Page

On hiatus
Monthly show dramatizing works of local writers through live performances by the talented Off the Page Readers Theater troupe.

Oldies Time Machine

Odd SUNDAYS @5pm
Familiar oldies from the fifties, sixties and seventies, plus rare tracks and “B” sides.

One Saturday Morning

Even SUNDAYS @12am
Old time radio shows…relived and revisited. Those Saturday morning shows that reflect a different time.

Organic Conversation
Organic Conversation

One of the nation’s leading radio shows discussing solutions to today’s environmental and social challenges.

Peacetown on KOWS

4th/5th SUNDAYS @1pm
Selected performances from the Peacetown Summer Concert Series in Sebastopol.

Plant Passions

Host to provide

Post-Modern Jab

Even Fridays @9pm
Amy Marshall shares her passion for music, fashion & ideas of the counter-culture.

Practical Woo Woo

4th Mondays @5pm
The gift of Healing in today’s world of Commerce & Business.

Project Censored
Project Censored


Radio Goethe
Radio Goethe

Even THURSDAYS @11pm
A show on German and European contemporary rock.

Radio Thrift Shop

Odd SUNDAYS @11pm
An evolving show that changes every few months paying homage to freeform radio broadcasts of the 1960s and early 1970s.


RadRadRadio explores the roots of music from blues, jazz, funk and folk … a history of our global musical future.

Relevant Tones
Relevant Tones

Even THURSDAYS @10pm
Classical music for your listening pleasure

Rockabilly n’ Blues Hour

Odd SUNDAYS @2pm
A unique blend of modern and vintage rockabilly, blues, surf, roots, early rock and country with host James Riley

Rockabilly Riot

1st & 5th THURSDAYS @5pm
James Riley hosts this show produced in Tennessee.

Screaming Mimi’s Fallout Shelter

Even MONDAYS @3pm
From the garage rock to punk, to moments of musical genius in bubblegum pop, and beyond.

Singer Songwriter Anthology
Singer-Songwriter Anthology

An exploration of the ‘counter culture alternative’ music scene of the 60s and 70s with your host DJ Jerry Louis.

Soultree Sounds
Soultree Sounds

Host to provide

Sound Mind

Largely a genre-free zone. Collections which tell a story, and take you on a ride. Be the Passenger!


Eclectic down tempo as Narayan flows freestyle, and they cypher with each other and various guests.

Street Muse

Inspirational music and stories from the street’s economic refugees.

The 5 Spot With JW

Host to provide

The Americana Music Hours

Daily @ 5am
New releases and vintage sounds for all you KOWS Americana fans.

The Armchair Critic
The Armchair Critic

Odd SUNDAYS @4pm
Off the cuff commentary, knee jerk reactions & musical mix of personal favorites.

The B Side

On hiatus
Oddities, & rarities; nothing you’ll find on commercial radio, digging deep into R&B, soul and funk…

Best Of KOWS
The Best of KOWS

On hiatus
A weekly special featuring some of the very best shows from the KOWS.

The Bioneers

The award-winning 13-part radio series featuring breakthrough solutions for people and planet.

Blackout Radio Show
The Blackout Radio Show

Odd TUESDAYS @10pm
Tune in for post-punk, gothic, punk and much more.

The Feldenkrais® Happy Hour

On hiatus
A brief live Feldenkrais® lesson, followed by interviews with local Feldenkrais® practitioners.

The Gary Jackson Show
The Gary Jackson Show

Packed with special features…not for the audience’s benefit, but because at his age just staying awake for two hours is tough!

Disaster Prep
The Joy Of Preparedness

3rd THURSDAYS @4pm
Prepare yourself for the worst while demonstrating your commitment to family and community

KOWS' Mouth
The KOWS’ Mouth

Host Thomas McIntyre brings the conversation about almost anything to the KOWS airwaves.

The Learning Brain

4th Thursdays @9am
Up-to-date brain research about how to stimulate greater learning when practical approaches are applied in school and home.

The Martin Monroe Show

Join Martin Monroe as he plays original alt-rock and other variations on a theme from some of Sonoma County’s best-unheralded musicians.

The Meaning of Community

On hiatus
What does Community mean to you? Do you make a difference? Do you want to make a difference?

The Midnight Special

Traditional and contemporary folk performers, avant-garde singer-songwriters comedians and satirists.

The Monday Morning Show With NJ

Mondays @7am
Nancy Jo offers news segments, call-in characters, and eclectic music for your Monday mornings.

The Moo Mix
The Moo Mix

Midnight to 5am
Streaming a variety of music 24 hours, KOWS radio fills in the gaps with a blend of the finest from our music hosts archives.

The Moo Mix
The Moo Mix

Sat/Sun @2am
Streaming a variety of music 24 hours, KOWS radio fills in the gaps with a blend of the finest from our music hosts archives.

The Mothership Radio Show

A unique look at aliens, UFOs and other unexplainable phenomenon with insight and humor.

The Mushroom Farm
The Mushroom Farm

2nd SUNDAY @11am
A progressive collection of psychedelic and 1960s rock spun for our listeners.

The Mystical Positivist
The Mystical Positivist

The Mystical Positivist is dedicated to the application of reason in the pursuit of spiritual practice and development.

The Queer Life

On hiatus
The Queer Life is amplifying the voices of otherwise under-represented minorities. Join host Kaiya Kramer.

Real Hippie Hour
The Real Hippie Hour

From memories of Morningstar and Wheeler ranches to downtown Occidental, Uncle Dave shares the West County life style.

The Reverend Rabbit Show

1/3/r/5 SUNDAYS @Noon
An eclectic blend of jazz, progressive and classic rock, indie, folk and more out of England.

The Spoken Word

Odd FRIDAYS @9am
Lolly spends time with the classics of music and the spoken word, sharing her wisdom and wit.

The Trip with Gary Sherwood

A rediscovery of the 60’s via the music of the era – hits, should’ve-been-hits, B-sides and album tracks.

Veiled Cloud of Unknowning
The Veiled Cloud of Unknowing

Featuring music composed before 1733 & after 1933 (pre-tonal/minimalist/modal music)

Tighten Up Mobile Hifi
Tighten Up Mobile Hi-Fi

Reggae, Soul, Dub, Ska, Garage, Blues, Rub-a-Dub, Funk, Rock Steady, and R&B

Timeless Oldies Variety Show

On hiatus
Old fashioned radio variety with Dex, Seymour, and Rachael from a tiny Vermont studio.

TLC Weekly

Join Sebastopol area high school students as they cover music, happenings, and topics relevant to the greater West County scene.

To Your Health

3rd SUNDAYS @7pm
The show explores diverse health topics, focusing on Integrative Medicine, and alleviation of pain.

Tommy's Holiday Camp
Tommy’s Holiday Camp

Let Arnoldo transcend your stylistic boundaries with local, national, and international interviews, live and recorded music.

Trippin’ In The Wilderness w/Johnny Saváge

Topical, thematic zaniness, and mind-altering adventures into uncharted musical and cultural territories. Mostly obscure.

Uncle Charlie's Jukebox
Uncle Charlie’s Jukebox

Music from the age of the 45 rpm single record. Songs from the Top 40 lists and more of the forgotten tunes.

Uncle Dave's Storytime
Uncle Dave’s Storytime

Songs and stories for kids ages 2 – 102. Stories read with passion; fiction brought to life and great music to listen to and sing along with.

Voices and Vision
Voices and Vision

Even TUESDAYS @6pm
The very best of Sonoma County current affairs featuring a round table of some of those in the know.

Wandering Minstrels
Wandering Minstrels

Mondays @3pm
Exploring a wide variety of folk music, from the traditional, to the contemporary, to the cutting edge: all its offshoots and branches…

Weekly Telegram
Weekly Telegram

A political variety radio show bringing disparate and often refreshing viewpoints that can be respectfully shared and explored.

Wise Woman Storytime
Wise Woman Storytime

A show that offers voice and visibility to older women giving them the opportunity to share personal stories from their lives.

WoodSongs Old Time Radio

Live audience celebration of grassroots music and the artists who make it.

World Liberation Party

On hiatus
Host to provide

Yesterday’s Memories

2nd/5th SATURDAYS @5pm
Oldies, doo-wop, and more.