Eclectic Spins

Daily @ 2am A curated one hour collection of sounds from every corner and every angle of the wee hours
The Moo Mix

The Moo Mix

Daily @3am Streaming a variety of music 24 hours, KOWS radio fills in the gaps with a blend of the finest from our music hosts archives.

The Americana Music Hours

Daily @ 5am New releases and vintage sounds for all you KOWS Americana fans.

Democracy Now!

TUE/THU/FRIDAYS @7am Pioneering the largest public media collaboration in the U.S., Democracy Now! is broadcast on the Pacifica Radio Network.

New Dimensions Radio

WEDNESDAYS @8am Tap into your own innate wisdom, genius, and peace of mind through these dialogues that will change your life.
Making Your Mind Magnificent

Making Your Mind Magnificent

WEDNESDAYS @9am Explores how we can change the way we think and also how we can teach our brains to embrace that change!

Grow Your Power

1st WEDNESDAYS @11am Host Anne Greenfield presents skills and experiences of homesteading. Save money and become independent!
Feast on This

Feast On This

WEDNESDAYS @1pm A jazz show featuring European Jazz and rarities of American jazz.
Live From The Double-Wide

Live From The Double-Wide

WEDNESDAYS @2pm Singer songwriter and West Coast chanteuse Teresa Tudury brought to you from Las Cruces, New Mexico's KTAL radio
Uncle Charlie's Jukebox

Uncle Charlie’s Jukebox

WEDNESDAYS @4pm Music from the age of the 45 rpm single record. Songs from the Top 40 lists and more of the forgotten tunes.

With Good Reason

WEDNESDAYS @6pm Bringing together higher education institutions and Virginia Humanities to make scholarly research accessible to all

Mutation Theory

WEDNESDAYS @7pm Extraordinary sounds from classic Electroacoustic and Musique Concrete to Krautrock, Space music,, and more.

Principles Before Personalities

Odd WEDNESDAYS @8pm A show where principles comes first and personalities are put to the side

Starship Overflow

Odd WEDNESDAYS @9pm Alternative and underground sounds from the UK!

Black White and Blue

WEDNESDAYS @10pm Modern Jazz: Challenging improvisational music for adventurous ears.

Perfect Hair

WEDNESDAYS @11pm Perfect Hair is a show looking back at the big hair & glam days of rock n roll.
Deeper Roots

Deeper Roots Revisited

Even THURSDAYS @Midnight Topical and themed shows featuring gospel, country, bluegrass, jazz, blues, and more.

Live From Fur Peace Ranch

THURSDAYS @8am Jorma Kaukonen hosts musicians in an eclectic series of concerts recorded at the Fur Peace Ranch guitar camp.

Blue Moon Americana

THURSDAYS @ 9am A curated weekly show introducing new Americana releases and exploring classics of the past.
Project Censored

Project Censored

THURSDAYS @11am Project Censored educates students and the public about the importance of a truly free press for democratic self-government

This is Ska

THURSDAYS @Noon Host Middagh Goodwin brings you ska and rocksteady from across the globe playing from every era and genre.

For The Wild

THURSDAYS @ 1pm Protecting and restoring the great living libraries of The Pacific Northwest

Border Free Music Show

Odd THURSDAYS @2pm Traveling the globe bringing a musical feast for your ears. New artists, old favorites and live performances in folk, rock and blues.
Down Home Music

Down Home Music

1st/2nd THURSDAYS @5pm A show featuring Chicago blues as well as rhythms from a variety of musical genres: strong rhythms, passionate feeling and funky beats.

In The Groove

THURSDAYS @5pm From Jazz masters of past and present to emerging new artists performing modern jazz and fusion. No smooth jazz here!
No Pigeonholes

No Pigeonholes EXP

Odd THURSDAYS @6pm Experimental music and unusual sounds. Noise, free jazz, electronics, sound collage, improvisation, drone and more.

Neptune Currents

THURSDAYS @8pm An eclectic blend of ambient, electronic and contemplative music, originating from KKUP (91.5 FM) in the South Bay.

Freudian Slippers

Odd THURSDAYS @10pm Lori Curtis hosts music and likes to call it "Posturepedic for the cerebellum".

The Piano Men

FRIDAYS @ Midnight Featuring a wide variety of piano masters beginning from the classical period to the modern era.

Deeper Roots

FRIDAYS @9am A century of America's music featuring gospel, country, bluegrass, jazz, blues, and everything in between.
Feisty Females

The Feisty Female Radio Show

FRIDAYS @11am An eclectic blend of music and interviews featuring a variety of amazing female singer/songwriters from around the world.

Celtic Coach Radio Show

FRIDAYS @1pm An Irish music show featuring interviews with the best speakers and transformational teachers on the Planet.

Boppin’ With Beth

FRIDAYS @ 2pm Country, blues, rockabilly, Americana and so much more. Boppin' With Beth brings it!

Counter-Culture Anthology

FRIDAYS @3pm An exploration of the ‘counter culture alternative’ music scene of the 60s and 70s with your host DJ Jerry Louis.
Laura's Living Room

Laura’s Living Room

FRIDAYS @5pm Eclectic music, scintillating schmooze, and a variety of topic mavens entertain, inform, inspire and activate listeners nearly every week.
Tommy's Holiday Camp

Tommy’s Holiday Camp

FRIDAYS @7pm Let Arnoldo transcend your stylistic boundaries with local, national, and international interviews, live and recorded music.
Make Believe Ballroom

Make Believe Ballroom

Odd FRIDAYS @9pm From Retro Radio Land, music of the 1930s and 1940s

Synthetic Sounds

ODD Fridays @10pm For independent cc-licensed electronica, as well as rare, unusual or generative electronic music.

Live Wire! Radio

FRIDAYS @11pm Music from up-and-coming bands, comedy, performance and scintillating interviews with people who think cool thoughts

Eclectic Spins

FRIDAYS @8am A curated one hour collection of sounds from every corner and every angle of the wee hours
Uncle Dave's Storytime

Uncle Dave’s Storytime

SATURDAYS @8am Songs and stories for kids ages 2 - 102. Stories read with passion; fiction brought to life and great music to listen to and sing along with.
KOWS' Mouth

The KOWS’ Mouth

Odd SATURDAYS @11am Host Thomas McIntyre brings the conversation about almost anything to the KOWS airwaves.

Steady Eddie’s Music Cellar

SATURDAYS @1pm Pre-rock & roll era music of the 1920s through the 1950s

The Children’s Hour

SATURDAYS @3pm A weekly educational and entertaining kids public radio program for listeners of all ages.
The Mystical Positivist

The Mystical Positivist

SATURDAYS @4pm The Mystical Positivist is dedicated to the application of reason in the pursuit of spiritual practice and development.

Ozark Highlands Radio

SATURDAYS @6pm From annual festivals to intriguing segments and fun music workshops, there's always a song in the Ozarks

Radio Summit

SATURDAYS @ 7pm Four international hosts introduce you to their special sonic worlds.

The Trip with Gary Sherwood

SATURDAYS @8pm A rediscovery of the 60’s via the music of the era – hits, should’ve-been-hits, B-sides and album tracks.

Dead Air

SATURDAYS @11pm The Grateful Dead in concert/in studio from 1965–1995. Cory Daniels shares selections from live concerts, rare highlights, and fine studio releases.

One Nostalgic Weekend

SUNDAYS @12am Old time radio shows...relived and revisited. Those Saturday morning shows that reflect a different time.

Timeless Oldies Variety Show

SUNDAYS @1am Old fashioned radio variety with Dex, Seymour, and Rachael from a tiny Vermont studio.

Roots of Rock

SUNDAYS @7am Peace and Tranquility brought to you every Sunday morning with blessings and hope for all with Brother MJ.
Le Show

Le Show

SUNDAYS @9am A wildly clever, iconoclastic stew of talk, music, political commentary, humorous readings and scripted skits.

The Alan Watts Talk

WEDNESDAYS @10am Talks by philosopher Alan Watts (1915-1973)


SUNDAYS(except 2nd) @11am CounterSpin provides a critical examination of the major stories every week, exposing what mainstream media misses

Ambassador Radio

SUNDAYS (not 2nd) @Noon Ambassador Radio specializes in diverse music ranging from Americana, jazz, world, folk, experimental and much more

Cool Solutions

Odd SUNDAYS @1pm A nationally syndicated radio show/podcast telling stories about climate action.

Ordinary Miracles Radio

Odd SUNDAYS @2pm Original music, live performances, interviews, rare tracks, spiritual conversation for soulful humans & more


SUNDAYS @4pm Since 1986, "Raising Women’s Voices through Radio Worldwide."

Top of Mind

SUNDAYS @5pm Smart, informative, unflinching conversations that go beyond mere headlines and sound bites

Audio Ink Radio

SUNDAYS @6pm A mix of great rock, alternative and metal music. Hard rock, grunge, nu-metal...there's something for everyone!
Lit Radio

Lit Radio

SUNDAYS @7pm Suzanne Lang visits with local authors, offering insight and topical discussion about their works.

Lord Litter’s Magic Music Box

SUNDAYS @8pm A focus on handmade releases in a world where almost everything is a digital unit.

(dis)PERSE Dispatch

SUNDAYS @9pm A wide selection of ambient, experimental, drone, soundart, noise, and difficult music.

The Reverend Rabbit Show

SUNDAYS @11pm An eclectic blend of jazz, progressive and classic rock, indie, folk and more out of England.

The Monday Morning Show

Mondays @7am Professor B, Sally T and Nikki G offer news, trivia, music, banter, and call-ins for your Monday morning drive.
Celtic Contrasts

Celtic Contrasts

MONDAYS @9am A two hour program of music from Scotland, Ireland, and countries around the world wherever Celts have wandered.

The POP! Radio Program

Odd MONDAYS @11am Host Ray Carmen presents an hour of music from artists that refuse to swim in the mainstream.

A Little of Everything

Odd MONDAYS @11am An eclectic mix of music alongside interviews with local educators, politicians, and friends.
Wandering Minstrels

Wandering Minstrels

MONDAYS @1pm Exploring a wide variety of folk music, from the traditional, to the contemporary, to the cutting edge: all its offshoots and branches...

The Punk & The Princess

MONDAYS @2pm A whirlwind mix of genre-spanning and decade-hopping music from established and emerging artists

Insights With Fraser

Odd MONDAYS @4pm Fraser weaves together experts and other passionate people to discuss our communities, our lives, and our loves.

Yesterday’s Memories

MONDAYS @5pm Oldies, doo-wop, and more.

Bluegrass From Sympathy Valley

MONDAYS @6pm An excursion into the world of Bluegrass, Old Time and Cowboy Music with updates on local and statewide events.

Moon Over Bohemia

Odd MONDAYS @8pm Host to provide
The Gary Jackson Show

The Gary Jackson Show

MONDAYS @10pm Packed with special features...not for the audience's benefit, but because at his age just staying awake for two hours is tough!

The Barnaby Druthers Mystery Hour

MONDAYS (except 2nd) @11pm Nutmeg Junction presents the Barnaby Druthers Mystery Hour! Audio Theater adventures.

Jazz With David Basse

TUESDAYS @8am Handpicked tracks with anecdotes and interviews that bring to life the quintessential American musical genre.
Newtopian Dream

Newtopian Dream

TUESDAYS @10am RT Newt brings you music on a whim and with inspiration

Blue Light Central

TUESDAYS @Noon The Blue Light Central rumbles out of the station for a ride through blues, classic R&B, soul, gospel, Zydeco, and low-down boogie.

Catching A Wave

TUESDAYS @1pm The sounds of summer, surf and good-time rock & roll with host, Jammin' James Riley.
Real Hippie Hour

The Real Hippie Hour

TUESDAYS @2pm From memories of Morningstar and Wheeler ranches to downtown Occidental, Uncle Dave shares the West County life style.
Mandolins, Cabbages & Kings

Mandolins Cabbages And Kings

Odd TUESDAYS @6pm Phil Lawrence brings his love of mandolin to the airwaves and welcomes musicians and local school students.

Suburban Dance Radio

TUESDAYS @8pm A deep mix of sounds on the low end from Bristol to Brooklyn and Kingston to Berlin. Dig into the crates for grooves served raw.

The Midnight Special

Odd TUESDAYS @9pm Traditional and contemporary folk performers, avant-garde singer-songwriters comedians and satirists.
Blackout Radio Show

The Blackout Radio Show

TUESDAYS @11pm Tune in for post-punk, gothic, punk and much more.
Global Village

Global Village

2nd-5th WEDNESDAYS @11am As Duke Ellington famously said, there are two kinds of music. Global Village...from all over the globe.

One Step Beyond

Even WEDNESDAYS @8pm Music created by people that who host Rory McNamara has met over the course of his 50 year musical journey. 

News With No Agenda

Even THURSDAYS @2pm Host Joel DeWitt promotes new and open dialog with facts, not feelings, with focus.

Out of My Shell

Even THURSDAYS @3pm A new program for these isolated times with with longtime DIY space rocker/writer/filmmaker Azalia Snail.

Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie

Even THURSDAYS @6pm All punk vinyl from 1977 to present day with special guests interviews from the scene old and new.
Radio Goethe

Radio Goethe

Even THURSDAYS @10pm A show featuring the diverse music scenes from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Not Your Mother’s Storytime

Even THURSDAYS @11pm Gather ‘round the radio and hear stories pulled from the Public Domain. Grown up stories. Be moved. Be touched. Be horrified. Be enlightened

The Freelance Music Show

Even FRIDAYS @9pm Great and obscure guitar-oriented songs and the deeper forgotten tracks from the 60s,70s,80s. and 90s

Climate One

Even SATURDAYS @Noon The voices of today's top policy, business, and climate leaders
The Mushroom Farm

The Mushroom Farm

2nd SUNDAY @11am A progressive collection of psychedelic and 1960s rock spun for our listeners.

frank Talk About Medicare

Even MONDAYS @11am Medicare doesn’t have to be complicated. As a truly unbiased source through HICAP, join me for the lighter side of a heavier topic


Even MONDAYS @Noon Delving into the current astro 'weather', plant lore, nature, and mythology to locate ourselves in the ever turning Wheel of the Year.

Lost in the Laguna

Even MONDAYS @8pm Dive into the music and culture of Sonoma County. Hosts Nicco and Noah focus on the original recordings and ideas of local youth.

The Joe Show

Even TUESDAYS @4pm New music from all over the world. Because rust never sleeps, and new music is penetrating oil for the mind.

WoodSongs Old Time Radio

Even TUESDAYS @6pm Live audience celebration of grassroots music and the artists who make it.

Nonviolence Radio

2nd TUESDAY @7pm Stephanie Van Hook and Michael Nagler host this show originally produced and aired on KWMR in Point Reyes.

The Razzle and The Dazzle

Even TUESDAYS @9pm Hang out n listen to music from movies w/Emma, an amateur movie luvr n big fan of music :^)
Making Contact

Making Contact

3/4/5th THURSDAYS @4pm In-depth critical analyis that goes beyond the breaking news, showcasing voices and perspectives rarely heard in mainstream media
A Fool in the Forest

A Fool In The Forest

4th TUESDAYS @6pm Host Minkoff Chatoy interviews people and their passion, bringing the community to the microphone.